THE EMOTIONAL CONNECTION by Robert Gonzales - Equine Development ~ Emotional Work ~ Lessons ~ Clinics
My name is Robert Gonzales and I've been working with horses for over 30 years. 
My passion is working with horses and their riders to bring out their FULL potential by using my ranching experience  and horsemanship techniques along with my emotional work (The Emotional Connection)  to complete the WHOLE horse Mentally, Emotionally and Physically. Bringing out the BEST of your horse from the inside out.
 I Specialize in working with Problem horses, Emotional work, Trailer Loading and so much more. 

I understand that each horse is an individual just like humans. I understand how to read each horse and how to find its strengths and weaknesses. I understand how important it is to develop and balance your horse. I work on getting your horses emotions correct (The Emotional Connection) The emotions contribute to behavior issues and block performance. I can create a better balance with your horse by teaching them how to connect and to control their emotions. 
If YOU are SERIOUS about DEVELOPING and HELPING your HORSE, I work with all disciplines and breeds of horses and their owners.                                        




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